Why Matrix Olympiad is different?

Quality of assessment

Matrix Olympiads provide such in-depth analysis that you can clear identify your strong areas and weak areas where there is potential for further improvement. The assessment gives 24 rich analysis with interactive graphics for you to learn more about your academic strengths. No other examination or Olympiads in India offer such rich analysis as of now

Trust of Matrix System

The most distinguishing factor of Matrix Olympiad is Matrix Academy itself. Matrix has emerged as one of the most innovative institute in the field of coaching young minds from class III to XII & XII passed so that they move ahead on their desired career path by winning at various junctions in their academic journey.


The Olympiads are taken by thousands of students every year and help you benchmark your potential and preparation with best students of not just Rajasthan but now across the country.


Matrix Olympiad

For Class 5th to 12th

  • Who are studying in class 5th to 12th in academic year 2021-22.
  • Who believe that taking part in competition is good.
  • Who want to be prepared for future.
  • Who want to test themselves in new exam pattern.
  • Who want to compete with new students across the country.
News & Updates

Recent Announcement

23 Feb 2022
Matrix Olympiad Stage-2 result is out. Check your result https://www.mof.matrixedu.in/stage2-result here
11 Dec 2021
Matrix Olympiad Stage-1 qualified students can register for Winter Workshop. Register now https://www.mof.matrixedu.in/register-for-winter-workshop here
22 Nov 2021
Matrix Olympiad Stage-1 result is out. Check your result https://www.mof.matrixedu.in/result here
29 Oct 2021
You can download the app https://bit.ly/MOST-learning or login at https://mofonline.matrixedu.in to appear in the Matrix Olympiad Exam.


25 Sep 2021
24 Sep 2021
Matrix Olympiad Exam Date

Stage 1 Exam will be held on 14th Nov 2021