Cash Prizes, award kits & Scholarships

Matrix Olympiad Awards


The following scholarships are awarded to the students:

Scholarships at Matrix Academy (For JEE & NEET Programs)

Rank in respective class Scholarship amount
1 100,000
2-5 81,000
6-10 71,000
11-50 51,000
51-100 41,000
101-500 31,000
501-1000 21,000
Rest of the participants 11,000


Scholarships at Matrix High School

Rank in respective class Scholarship amount Class 9 to 12 Scholarship amount Class 5 to 8
1 51,000 41,000
2-5 45,000 40,000
6-10 41,000 31,000
11-50 21,000 21,000
51-100 11,000 11,000
101-500 5,100 5,100
501-1000 2,100 2,100
Rest of the participants 1,100 1,100

Cash Prizes & award kits

The following Awards and Scholarships will be awarded to the students:

Rank in respective class Rewards for Class 9 to 12 Rewards for Class 5 to 8
1 51,000 31,000
2-3 21,000 11,000
4-10 5100 5100
11-20 2100 2100
21-100 Award Kit only Award Kit only



  1. Cash prizes would be awarded based on rank in stage-2 of Matrix Olympiad
  2. Scholarships will be awarded based on both stage-1 and stage-2 of the examination. While the stage-2 based scholarship are pre-defined, scholarships based on stage-1 will be provided on a case-by-case basis.
  3. In addition to the cash prizes, all the students who will be awarded and appreciated for their performance will get following in the award kit
    • Matrix Branded Laptop/school Bag
    • Matrix Branded Umbrella
    • High Quality Matrix Student Diary
    • Qualifying certificate & appreciation letter
  4. The cash awards are decided assuming that a minimum of 500 students will be participate in phase-2 of Matrix Olympiad in each class. If the total student participation in stage-2 in any of the class is below 500 students, then cash prizes would be reduced on a pro-rata basis.
  5. Matrix Senior management decision answer keys would be final.
  6. Terms & Conditions for foreign tour: The overall toppers for each class would be eligible for the foreign educational tour. If there are more than one student at the top position, then the prize money for the tour would be split equally between the two students. The final location for the tour between London, Paris or Singapore will be chosen based on student interest and visa availability during Covid situation. If a particular student is unable to go on the tour because of Visa rejection by respective consulate, Matrix wouldn’t be liable for any compensation. The prize money for the 1st prize winning students would be reduced by expenses incurred in the educational tour for the student.