Matrix Olympiad Awards

Scholarships, Foreign Tour, Cash Prizes & award kits
MOF Award & Scholarships

The following are the terms and conditions for scholarships, foreign tour, cash prizes & award kits:



Terms & Conditions for foreign tour:

  • The 8 overall toppers of Matrix Olympiad would be eligible for the foreign educational tour. The final location for the tour between Europe or Singapore will be chosen based on logistics and Covid situation. Matrix Management's decision would be final in this regard. If a particular student is unable to go on the tour because of Visa rejection by respective consulate, Matrix wouldn't be liable for any compensation.
  • In case foreign tour is cancelled because of Govt. rules then Rs. 51,000 will be rewarded to all students who had won the tour.
  • Foreign tour winners would not have options to choose tour or cash. Matrix will not provide equivalent cash prize to those students who do not wish to go for educational tour out of their own will.


Terms & conditions for existing Matrix/MHS students

  • Existing Matrix/MHS Students are allowed to appear in Matrix Olympiad.
  • MHS/Matrix students are also eligible for cash awards, prize kits and foreign tour as per their ranks. However, firstly because Matrix Olympiad Scholarships are valid only for 1st year of studies at Matrix/MHS system, and secondly, because these students are part of Matrix system for an extended period, their scholarships are decided based on their academic performance during the yearlong session. Hence, as per management discretion, MHS/Matrix are not eligible for scholarship offered by Matrix Olympiad.


General terms & conditions for Matrix Olympiad

  1. Scholarships will be awarded based on both stage-1 and stage-2 of the examination. The scholarships would depend on both ranks at district level and state level.
  2. The total amount earmarked for scholarships for JEE, NEET, CLAT, NDA & Schooling programs is INR 31 Crore. At an individual level, scholarships would vary from 5% of the tuition fee to 100% of overall fee for admission in Matrix programs.
  3. The exact scholarship amount for a given student would depend on both student’s performance in stage-1 and stage-2 examination along with total participation of students in relevant class. Final applicable scholarships would be declared after result declaration of both stage-1 and stage-2 results.
  4. Similar to scholarships, Cash prizes would also depend on ranks at district level and state level in stage-2 examination. The total amount of cash prizes for Matrix Olympiad 2023 is INR 11 Lakhs. The cash awards are decided assuming a minimum of 500 students' participation in phase-2 of Matrix Olympiad in each class. If the total student participation in stage-2 in any of the class is below 500 students, then cash prizes would be reduced on a pro-rata basis.
  5. The cash prize for a particular rank in class would be decided after analysing total participation of students in that class.
  6. In addition to the cash prizes, top-3000 performers (overall across all classes) will be awarded and appreciated for their performance will an award kit. The award kits would consist of following items.
    • Matrix Branded school Bag
    • High Quality Matrix Student Diary & Pen
    • Qualifying certificate & appreciation letter
    • Matrix Memento
  7. Tie Breaker Rule: If many students secure equal aggregate marks, then higher rank will be given by comparing subject scores in priority of Maths, Physics & Chemistry in that order (up to class X). For classes 11th and 12th, the order would consist of Maths/Biology, Physics and Chemistry. If all subject scores are also equal, then younger student will be given higher rank.
  8. Matrix Senior management decision regarding answer keys would be final and binding on all participants.
  9. Scholarship awarded through Matrix Olympiad 2023 will be applicable for session 2024-25 only.
  10. If a student takes admission in 11th and withdraws his/her admission in class 12th then he/she will not be eligible for any scholarship and would need to pay complete class-11 fee at the time of admission withdrawal.
  11. Similarly, If a student takes admission in 9th and withdraws his/her admission in class 10th class, then he/she will not be eligible for any scholarship and would need to pay complete class-9 fee at the time of admission withdrawal.
  12. In any dispute; all the decisions of Matrix Management will be final.


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